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We're genuinely looking to change the way people communicate online.
With our suite of communication tools, and our passionate clients, we believe we're already on the way.

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Speed - Aiyo Labs

A startup needs to get distribution before an incumbent gets innovation. We imbibe this, and we provide this. We are agile and we are fast because we are clean and uncomplicated.

Find the side door - Aiyo Labs
Find the side door

There are no guidebooks and there are no right ways to do this. We traverse the path less traveled and find the side door when needed. We get it, we get there, and we get it done.

Eat the frog first - Aiyo Labs
Eat the frog first

Do the most difficult thing on your plate; first. We're not afraid of hard problems and we tackle them head on. There is no one else to do them. This is what we thrive on.

Intelligent Override - Aiyo Labs
Intelligent Override

We are engineers and developers and are free to think differently. We write rules, but know when to break them. Build the most elegant and powerful systems, yet "Eff the system" when it needs effing.

Ownership - Aiyo Labs

No lottery balls will decide our future. Our own will. We are masters of our own destiny and how we live today will determine how we die tomorrow.

Proof and Instinct - Aiyo Labs
Proof and Instinct

We're fanatically dogmatic when it comes to finding truths. Proof is truth, yet, it exists only because someone believed in something. We encourage people to believe so much so that when they knock on the door to tell us they're here; we'll be gone!

Profit - Aiyo Labs

We are a group of people trying to feed ourselves and our families everyday. We work for a profit which in turn lets us feed more people. If we create more wealth, we create more health.

Teamness - Aiyo Labs

We spend too much time together not to fall in love. We are a team, and we are the cliche - a family. And we invite everyone that we work with, to be part of this family. It's a state of mind, that we extend to all that we work with, so that we all win together.