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Romance in the age of Whatsapp | Aiyo Labs

In the era where the Internet seemingly has all our answers, finding love online has become second nature to us.


Dec 2018

ECommerce Chatbots - Aiyo Labs

Consumers all over India are always looking for a deal - we’re a price sensitive market. Even Amazon, Flipkart and others focus on deals, discounts and sales. The allure of the “lowest price” or “incredible deal” is constantly dangled.

intelligent automation | Aiyo Labs

You just got something online and it broke even before you got to use it. What do you do? Call customer service. The two dreaded words; Customer Service.

Chat Will Reign Supreme - Aiyo Labs

Before the world got introduced to the plethora of apps that made our life exponentially easier, how did we carry out all our interactions? If you wanted to shop, you went to the shop and asked for what you wanted. If you wanted to order in, you called the restaurant and asked for what you wanted. If you were booking a hotel, you called the hotel to ask for availability and booked.


Nov 2018

Making it Stick(er) - Aiyo Labs

This interaction, where two parties exchange information in a conversational manner, is what makes us humans, Human. With a surge of people feeling a sense of loneliness and depression from over exposure and usage of technology, conversation, is making a grand return.