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AIYO Labs | Engage With Customers On Chat
Send Automated Messages - FlockSend
Unified, Omni Channel, Customer Centric, Chat App Solutions.

Leverage The Power Of WhatsApp® And Messenger® To Grow Your Business At the Speed of Messaging.

Our communication stack enables you to be truly omni channel and reach out to your customers where it maters most.


Extract data from Justdial and IndiaMart - Leadr
Data. Acquisition and Collection.

Generate More Leads To Grow Your Business.

We not only help you find the perfect audience but also empower you to reach them. With over 4 Billion Data points, we can help you find exactly what you need.

Novice Advanced
Extract data from Justdial and IndiaMart - Leadr
Governance, Campaigning - Aiyo Labs
Governance, Campaigning, Gargantuan Scale Execution.

Large scale outreach and large scale data is what you need to win a campaign. We help governments do this.