Your Customers Are On Chat.
Be There, For Them.

SMS and Email are dead.
Build your workflow on world leading chat platforms.

AIYO Labs | Engage With Customers On Chat

You Need A Chat Strategy. Now.

Delight Customers

The pure simplicity of using a chat platform that you use all the time delights customers. All you need to do is message a single number to get information on a service that is pertinent to you.

Save Cost

By training your bot with your script, you can cut out a bulk of human resource that typically deals with repetitive tasks and questions. Our cost of operation is also 10x more cost effective than our competition.

Data and Analytics

Gleam insight into user behaviour, spot trends and patterns to understand your customer needs. We'll help streamline your marketing and promotional strategy to include most popular keyword or hashtags.


We'll fit seamlessly into your existing CRM, and Database so you don't miss a beat as you go about improving your customer engagement. We can also integrate APIs to fetch data unique to each of your customers.

AI Blocks.
The Stuff Dreams Are Built On.

With our various modules, permutations, and combinations, we can't wait to see what you build.
We call these our AI Blocks.

DB Integration

Our bot connects with your database. With this, you can pull or push customer specific information. As an example, I can message a number and the response can pull up data that is specific to me; my upcoming appointments, recent orders etc.


Our analytics will give you all kinds of insight into your customers. You'll be able to see everything from popular keywords to where your customers are located!


Build up a range of auto responses so our bot can handle most frequent customer queries and free you up to follow up only in occasional cases that need human intervention.


When a customer writes to you and gives you permission to contact them, you can reach out to them at any point with our platform. Unlike other tools, you can do this repeatedly and with whatever content you want.


Our unique system helps determine user location and service provider. With this, you can customise your language or script based on user location.


Available on request. By using cutting edge facial recognition software, you can determine gender, demographic, and ethnicity of your users if their phone number has an associated image.


We speak your language! Regardless of what the language is, our bots can detect user input and respond in the same language using a translate feature. You only need to create one script and we take care of the rest.

Call Centre

Our ready made customer support solutions will cut your manpower requirements drastically! Agents can step in only when needed and handle multiple customer queries simultaneously on Chat as opposed one at a time on call.

HR (Beta)

Manage your team, leave requests and more on Chat with no need to get on new apps or platforms. Your employees can put in leave requests on Chat and you'll be able to approve (or decline) within moments.