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AIYO Labs | Engage With Customers On Chat
Send Automated Messages - FlockSend
WhatsApp, Messenger, Email, SMS, and Chat.

Leverage The Power Of WhatsApp® And Messenger® To Grow Your Business At the Speed of Messaging.

Build Bots and Send Automated, Customised, WA Messages To All Your Customer


Extract data from Justdial and IndiaMart - Leadr
Data. Acquisition and Collection.

Generate More Leads To Grow Your Business.

We not only help you find the perfect audience but also empower you to reach them. With over 4 Billion Data points, we can help you find exactly what you need.

Novice Advanced
Extract data from Justdial and IndiaMart - Leadr
Governance, Campaigning - Aiyo Labs
Governance, Campaigning, Gargantuan Scale Execution.

Large scale outreach and large scale data is what you need to win a campaign. We help governments do this.